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Our Staff

Student Support Department

Name Role
Torrance Cradieth (Department Head) 12th Grade Success Coach
Traci Clark 12th Grade Success Coach
Muriel Suttles 11th Grade Success Coach
Stephanie Gardner 10th Grade Success Coach
Nicole Poe 9th Grade Success Coach


Guidance Department

Name Role
Mary Ford (Department Head) 12th Grade Counselor
Brianna Rebera 11th Grade Counselor
Abigal Walters 10th Grade Counselor
Trena Falencki 9th Grade Counselor
Islam Muheisen 10/11 Guidance Support
Emily Humphrey 9/12 Guidance Support


English Department

Name Role
Jamie Ross (Department Head) 10th Grade English
Brooke Endly 12th Grade English
Mariah Bartlett 11th Grade English
Molly Maurer 9th Grade English
Kelly Strobel 9/12 CRX English
Cori Shaw 10/11 CRX English
Rebecca Dadisman English Intervention


Math Department

Name Role
Mirela Pashaj (Department Head) Algebra II 
Lauren Powell Consumer Math
Nathan Ferrer Geometry
Renne Maedecker Algebra I
Greg Oxley Algebra II Resource
Ray Prueitt CRX Math
Haliegh Dean Math Intervention


Social Studies Department

Name Role
Darlene Weber (Department Head) Government/Econ
Kayla Haag W. History
Rob Carlson U.S. History
Matt Caprio U.S. History/CRX
David Ralph W. History/CRX


Science Department

Name Role
Nancy Passarelli (Department Head) Earth Science
Elisabeth Paster Biology
Tara Buckridge Physical Science
Erica Fultz Calhoun Chemistry/Anatomy/Earth CRX
Devin Huffman Bio CRX/Physical Sci. CRX


CBI/Electives Department

Name Role
Taylor McIntyre (Department Head) CBI 12
Angie Robinson CBI 11
Jennifer Cobern CBI 10
Erikka Hardy CBI 9
Mckenzie Weaver CBI 12, Gov/Econ CRX
Briana Budwit Health/PE


Special Services Department

Name Role
Elisha Volp (Department Head)  Intervention Specialist
Debbie Reichard Smith School Psychologist
Alyssa Painter Intervention Specialist
Casey Kitchen Intervention Specialist
Laurie Wikle Intervention Specialist
Lea Schweizer Intervention Specialist
Linda New Intervention Specialist
Madeline Marston Intervention Specialist
Michael Patrick Intervention Specialist
Pamela Hague Intervention Specialist
Rose Morris Intervention Specialist
Stefanie Salyer Intervention Specialist


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