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Essentials for Online Learning

online learning essentials

“What will I need before I start school?

is a commonly asked question. We want the best experience for your student. While the curriculum is online, there are still a few online learning essentials to set your student up for success:

Reliable Internet Access

Make sure you have reliable, reasonably fast internet service. If your primary connection has issues, having a few backup options for getting online is a good idea.

Comfortable Chair

Unlike a traditional school setting, where students may move from one classroom to another, your student may sit in one spot for a while when engaging in our online school. Make sure to have a good chair for comfort and concentration.


Find a school workspace in the house, preferably at a desk, to ensure your student has a convenient place to access online lessons, study, and complete offline assignments. A good area is one with less noise and distractions for better focus.

Planner or Calendar

Even though most assignments are online, you can print items to access offline or for your records. Finding a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar planner is helpful.

Traditional School Supplies

While much of your work will be done on the computer, you’ll still want items such as pens, pencils, highlighters, binders, crayons, scissors, rulers, and notebook paper on hand. As you start school, you can always contact your teacher to see if other materials are recommended for future lessons.

As you embark on this exciting online learning journey, remember to prioritize the online learning essentials found in this post.

Thank you for choosing to join our school community! We look forward to the new school year with you.